Moshaereh is a fun competition on Persian poetry.

Persian poetry is an artistic craft. Poets and ordinary people of Persia, have written and used poetry for ages. Some poems are classic, some are modern, and some are musical.

In Moshaereh, the contestants can recite almost any type of poetry to earn points. Here is how it works:

  • 3 points for a line of a classic poem  (e.g. Sa’di)
  • 2 points for a line of a modern poem  (e.g. Foroogh Farokhzad)
  • 2 points for a line of a pop poem   (e.g. Moeen, Ebi)
  • 2 points of a line of poem that you make-up on the spot. Yes! You can make up a poem and earn points, but remember, your line of poem has to rhyme!

Alright, that’s about what all the rules are. The rest is fun!